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Dead Sea Mini Kits

Elemin Dead Sea Mini Kits: The Ultimate in Luxury & Quality

Elemin products are known around the world for luxurious skin pampering with excellent results. The therapeutic powers of 21 Dead Sea minerals, found in the dense waters, shoreline deposits and thermal mud, are combined with other natural healing ingredients: plant extracts including aloe barbadensis and jojoba, aromatic oils such as peppermint, vitamins A & E, and newly discovered skin-protein facilitators (UNIPROSYN PS-18 + UNIPROTECT PT-3). The resulting Elemin formulas nourish body and soul as one.

While each Elemin product is a delightful experience, its quality is further enhanced when used together with companion Elemin products, which are specially formulated for synergic effectiveness.

These products are available together in Mini Kits – a selected group of mini-sized products mixed and matched from the Elemin line. The Mini Kits provide the advantage of more comprehensive body care, and an accelerated return of natural skin health and beauty to a particular area in need of therapy. A Mini Kit from Elemin is a multi-level luxury skincare program in one attractive package.

Elemin Dead Sea Mini Kits are ideal as complimentary gifts for VIPs, conference attendees, corporate employees or upscale customer clubs.

For hotels, Elemin Mini Kits are a luxurious addition to the range of services and amenities. The Mini Kits are a unique complimentary gift for guests, offering an irresistible invitation to pampering that reflects the hotel’s image of luxury. Alternatively, hotels can provide the Mini Kits as an optional purchase on the room charge. When guests open their Mini Kit, they can enjoy a personal in-room spa treatment at their leisure, or they may choose to purchase the Kit for their travels or journey home. Whether as a complimentary gift or chargeable item, Elemin Mini Kits upgrade the amenities available to guests, for a convenient and relaxing experience.

Three pre-selected combinations are currently available, each designed for the different levels of hotel accommodation.

Ultimate Kit

The Ultimate Kit

Six mini products for standard guest rooms
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Gold Kit

The Gold Kit

Nine mini products for mini-suites and business class
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Platinum Kit Long Box

The Platinum Kit Long Box

12 mini products for luxury and VIP suites
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Gold Kit

The Platinum Kit Large Box

12 mini products for luxury and VIP suites
Platinum Kit Large Box