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Many natural effects of aging skin – wrinkles, toughness, dry scaling, sagging – are due to the loss of the natural elasticity typical in younger skin. A lack of skin-specific nutrients and damage from sun are the common reasons for the skin’s aged appearance, and these effects can be reversed with high-quality dermatological nourishment.

The Dead Sea has been known for thousands of years to return maturing skin to its youthful, radiant condition. From Cleopatra of antiquity to clinical experts of today, the unique blend of 21 minerals found in the Sea (12 of which are available nowhere else) has been regarded as the closest thing to the fabled Fountain of Youth. Elemin brings this treasure to you, formulated with other natural ingredients for enhanced bio-activity and luxurious textures. All products in the Anti-Aging line are fragrance free, except the Anti-Aging Facial Serum, which offers a delicate scent entirely from the formulation’s natural ingredients.