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Elemin Dead SeaBody CareFACIAL CAREAnti-AgeingHair CareDead Sea Mini Kits
Welcome to the world of Elemin
Where the Dead Sea's treasures are at your fingertips
Body Care
Elemin supplies the essentials for smart Body Care in a unique collection of Dead Sea.
Elemin’s expertise harnesses the remarkable properties of Dead Sea minerals to provide a full array of Facial Care products.
The Dead Sea has been known for thousands of years to return maturing skin to its youthful, radiant condition.
Hair Care
Elemin’s specially formulated shampoo and conditioner contains an assortment of Dead Sea minerals.
Dead Sea Mini Kits
Elemin Dead Sea Mini Kits are ideal as complimentary gifts for VIPs, conference attendees, corporate employees or upscale customer clubs.


ABOUT ELEMIN Elemin – nature’s way Welcome to the world of ELEMIN, where the Dead Sea's treasures are at your fingertips Elemin . . . .

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Situated at the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea has fascinated visitors for thousands of years. No one can forget its mineral-rich, buoyant waters. . .

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