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Ancient Reservoir of Beauty Secrets

Situated at the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea has fascinated visitors for thousands of years. No one can forget its mineral-rich, buoyant waters, spectacular landscapes of white salt deposits along azure shores, the delicious warmth of its thermal springs and mud, and the silent desert cliffs towering against a hazy sky.

Apart from its dramatic setting, this landlocked body of water also presents a paradox of nature. Although known worldwide as the “Dead” Sea, its waters, mud and salt deposits yield an abundance of life-giving nutrients. While the mind relaxes in the rich, sensory experience, the body quickly absorbs the minerals contained in the unique waters, where they work wonders in building and repairing cells.

These mysterious healing powers, found only at the Dead Sea, have drawn people to the region since ancient times. Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, was a regular visitor. The biblical warrior-king David took refuge there and made it an inspiration for his psalms. The royal Roman engineer Herod the Great built what may have been the world’s first health resort on the shores of the Dead Sea.

From then until now, the Dead Sea has been a magnet for all who desire glowing health, clear skin and restored youth. It’s no wonder that the Sea and its unique ecosystem have recently been nominated as one of the “Seven Wonders of the World,” a global heritage to be safeguarded for future generations.

Dead Sea Cures – More than Skin Deep

Over the last century, the Dead Sea’s remarkable restorative abilities have been studied intensively by scientists and physicians. They have discovered that the health benefits known for millennia are due to a synergy of water, earth and sky, which creates a natural healing center available nowhere else on the planet.

The ultra-deep basin of the Sea (420 meters / 1400 feet below sea level) collects a dense air pocket, filtering out UV rays and leaving only positive effects from extended sun exposure. The high-pressure atmosphere, rich in oxygen and low in humidity, relieves a variety of respiratory complaints. The thick black mud and salt-saturated waters of the Dead Sea combine 21 body-nourishing minerals, 12 of which are unique to this region. Easily absorbed through the skin, these compounds are proven to heal acne and other skin problems, arthritic conditions, allergies, poor blood circulation – and even reverse the effects of natural skin aging.

Backed by the recommendations of healthcare and beauty experts around the world, the Dead Sea attracts more than one million individuals each year to enjoy its therapeutic and rejuvenating effects.